From the damp habitat that is maleness comes this parade of goodfellows: the disappointed father; the bus driver with an obsession; the dumped lover; plus a host of others. These are cautionary tales, often amusing, invariably insightful.



Provisioned with the precision of a Raymond Carver, the peculiarity of a Lydia Davis, and a wit all his own, Richard Schwarzenberger's short stories explore a territory anything but terra incognita: men.



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"Ranging from a two-paragraph vignette to a 76-page novella, these well-wrought pieces offer a veritable variety of voices, carefully observed settings, and succinctly sketched characters. Without one wasted word, they are hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure. "

-Jim Van Buskirk


Banner photo by Dominic Martello; Sculpture by Colette Crutcher